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AMB-101 for Solid Tumors


AMB-101 is a next generation ADC engineered for superior properties which are supported by a robust preclinical data package. First in human trial is expected to begin in the second half of 2023. 

  • Proprietary linker selectively cleaved at tumor sites

  • Excellent in vitro plasma and in vivo stability superior to gold standard and competing platforms

  • Drug Antibody Ratio (DAR) of 8

  • Proprietary and potent topoisomerase I inhibitor that is 4-10 times more potent than deruxtecan

  • Strong bystander killing effect

  • No ocular toxicity  


In preclinical studies, AMB-101 demonstrated potent tumor killing activities across multiple tumor models. More importantly, AMB-101 is exceptionally stable in circulation, outperforming compounds with competing linker-payload platforms. The entire preclinical data package predicts a significantly widened therapeutic window which could potentially translate into a superior clinical profile.


AMB-101 targets a tumor associated antigen that is differentially overexpressed across a large set of solid tumors, providing basis for a broad application.

Detailed information may be presented at future scientific conferences

  • Proprietary mAb optimized for antibody drug conjugation

  • Selected to minimize unwanted off-target activity

  • Efficient internalization

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