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AmMax Bio to Participate in the 41st Annual Cowen Health Care Conference


REDWOOD CITY, Calif. February 16, 2021 —AmMax Bio, Inc. (“AmMax”), a private clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company focused on developing first-in-class or best-in-class treatments with its proprietary dual anti-inflammatory/anti-fibrotic therapeutic platform targeting the colony-stimulating factor 1 receptor (CSF1R), today announced that Larry Hsu, Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer and the management team will participate in one-on-one meetings with investors at the 41st Annual Cowen Health Care Conference on Wednesday, March 3, 2021.

AmMax was founded in March 2020 to develop therapies under an exclusive worldwide license from Amgen, Inc. that leverage the diverse and critical roles played by the CSF1 signaling pathway for macrophage regulation in multiple organ systems. Based on a potent monoclonal antibody named AMB-05X, the company is using this proprietary platform to build a portfolio of therapies that address diseases with significant unmet medical needs and substantial commercial potential. AmMax’s robust drug development pipeline includes Phase 2 clinical programs for tenosynovial giant cell tumor (TGCT) and idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF), in addition to earlier stage programs for polycystic kidney diseases and certain ocular disorders.

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About AMB-05X

A potent monoclonal anti-CSF1R antibody, AMB-05X is a therapeutic platform targeting macrophage-driven diseases with significant unmet medical needs and substantial commercial potential. The CSF1R, via its binding to two regulatory cytokines, CSF1 and IL-34, is critically involved in the regulation of macrophages and related cells in multiple biological processes across multiple organ systems, making it an attractive target with broad therapeutic applications. Overactivation of the CSF1/IL-34 – CSF1R axis substantially contributes to the inflammation and fibrosis inherent in many diseases. Thus, the potent inhibition of CSF1R activity by AMB-05X represents a novel and powerful means of therapeutic intervention via its dual action.


AmMax Bio, Inc.

Andrew Sauter, CFO


Tel: 650-787-3777

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